Diginauts -- episode 0007

Diginauts 0007 — Election Results, Mining Asteroids for Minerals, Robots Programmed to Kill

Diginauts -- episode 0007
  • segment 1, Top of Mind — Election Results (0:00): Rightly or wrongly, we tried to record this episode as the results were coming in on election night.  Drumpf defeats Clinton.  We let our politics show a little.  (Oh, and here’s that Michael Moore article about Trump never wanting to be president in the first place.)
  • segment 2, Let’s Review (31:21):  New updates on our previous topics include a government effort to design drones that can take out insurgent fighters and and Atlantic reporter attempted to find out how long a device can sit at a random IP address before hacking attempts try to co-opt it for DDoS purposes.
  • segment 3, Future File — Mining the Asteroids (50:01): A U.S. company has received grants from the Government of Luxembourg to find mineral wealth in the asteroid belt, bringing commerce to space.

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One thought on “Diginauts 0007 — Election Results, Mining Asteroids for Minerals, Robots Programmed to Kill

  1. Hello Diginauts, I was deeply offened by your horribly violent suggestion to audiences that it’s ok to devour kittens. As a devoted cat person who spearheaded the campaign to get Ozzy Ozborn banned from playing in Philadelphia for doing similar things to bats many years ago, I am now against your show for all time. Just kidding. I enjoyed hearing a nonpartisan take on this election and I particularly liked the questions you raised on how the polls could have been so wrong. Keep it up. Oh. The didgital stuff was ok too, I, guess. It got a little too tecky and I lost focus until you mentioned porn.

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