Diginauts 0009 — VR to Prevent Insanity after Head Transplant, Privacy with Snap Spectacles and Spying Earbuds, Updates on YOUTHvGOV

Diginauts episode 0009

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Diginauts 0008 — Facebook Echo Chamber and the 2016 Election, Human-Transmitted Passwords, Teens Sue U.S. Government

Diginauts episode 0008

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Diginauts 0007 — Election Results, Mining Asteroids for Minerals, Robots Programmed to Kill

Diginauts -- episode 0007
  • segment 1, Top of Mind — Election Results (0:00): Rightly or wrongly, we tried to record this episode as the results were coming in on election night.  Drumpf defeats Clinton.  We let our politics show a little.  (Oh, and here’s that Michael Moore article about Trump never wanting to be president in the first place.)
  • segment 2, Let’s Review (31:21):  New updates on our previous topics include a government effort to design drones that can take out insurgent fighters and and Atlantic reporter attempted to find out how long a device can sit at a random IP address before hacking attempts try to co-opt it for DDoS purposes.
  • segment 3, Future File — Mining the Asteroids (50:01): A U.S. company has received grants from the Government of Luxembourg to find mineral wealth in the asteroid belt, bringing commerce to space.

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Hollywood Inclusive 0008 — Dr. Strange Director Answers ‘Whitewashing’ Criticism, Lil Wayne, Hollywood’s Paper Consumption

Episode 0008 -- Hollywood Inclusive

guest DMA (@PlanetDMA)

  • segment 1, Story of the Week — Dr. Strange (0:00): Marvel’s Kevin Feige states a new commitment to diversity in comic book movies.  Dr. Strange director Scott Derickson gave an interview to Daily Beast about how he was TRYING to be sensitive to the audience in portrayal of Asian characters, but in doing so made a choice to delete an opportunity for an Asian actor.  DMA questions #WhoWasInTheRoom when approving that decision.
  • segment 2, Guest Interview (23:47): DMA tells us how she shifted from her studies in politics and how it led her into the entertainment industry, then into software, and from there back into entertainment.
  • segment 3, State of the Industry — Casting on Network TV (47:14): An appraisal from USA Today gives grades on cast diversity to each of the major networks, and concludes that money still drives decisions.  Plus, Variety published a piece this week discussing how casting directors now feel pressure to represent today’s America.
  • segment 4, What Pissed You Off? — Celebrities & Politics (1:05:55): Lil Wayne and Susan Sarandon shot their mouths off this week.  Should anyone care?
  • segment 5, Hurray for Hollywood — iPad Script Tracking (1:15:46): A writers assistant has come up with script draft management software that will save tons of paper in the television production process.

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Hollywood Inclusive 0007 — Health, Stress, and the Entertainment Industry; Fall TV; Jessica Jones

Hollywood Inclusive, episode 0007
  • segment 1, “A Very Special Episode” — Balance, Health, and Making it in Hollywood (0:00): We’ve each had health scares send us to the E.R. this year, and in both cases the diagnosis was mostly… stress.  We discuss the entertainment industry, what it takes to survive, and the quest for balance.
  • segment 2, News In Review — October 2016 (25:06):
  • segment 3, What Are We Watching? — Fall TV (55:31):  We talk Walking Dead, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and more.
  • segment 4, Hurray for Hollywood — Jessica Jones (55:31): Season two of Jessica Jones will be directed entirely by women.

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Diginauts 0006 — DDoS Attack, Computers Owning Patents, Brainwave Interfaces

Diginauts episode 0006
  • segment 1, Top of Mind — DDoS Attack (0:00): Spotify, Amazon, Paypal, and Twitter all suffered downtime last week owing to waves of Denial of Service attacks.  This latest cyber-attack involved the Internet of Things.  Who was responsible, and how do we stop future attacks?
  • segment 2, Future File — Brainwave Interfaces (17:04): A review in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience theorizes that we might be able to decode brain activity, allowing computers to convert our thoughts to words or computer codes.  We discuss the implications of computers that can essentially read our minds.
  • segment 3, Juris Prudent — AT&T’s Project Hemisphere (27:24  ): Law enforcement can buy into a database kept by AT&T that tracks user location.  Are they violating your privacy rights?
  • segment 4, Total Recall (43:49): Genetic modification will have a failsafe, if DARPA has anything to do with it, and a listener offers a suggestion for how to verb listening to audio books. 
  • segment 5, What’s Your Take?– Intellectual Property Rights for Computers? (52:28 ): We just can’t stop talking about the Monkey Selfie case, and this time we’re also exploring the possibility that computers should own patents for inventions created by their software.

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Diginauts 0005 — Engineering Life, Doctor Chatbot, Your Phone vs. The 4th Amendment

Diginauts 0005
  • segment 1, Top of Mind–Politics & Y Combinator (0:00): Sam Altman’s Bay Area incubator gets money from a wealthy Drumpf supporter, and they’ll disavow Drumpf, but not the supporter.  Gizmodo things Altman should have to step down.  What do we think?
  • segment 2, Future File–Paging Dr. Chatbot (14:41): Increasingly, the medical industry will lean on technology to streamline the process of seeing your doctor.  Kaiser Permanente is pushing further into virtual doctor visits, and China’s Baidu has created a medical chatbot.
  • segment 3, Juris Prudent–Warranted Overreach? (30:38):  The government wants to do whatever it can to avoid a technology stand-off like the one it faced with Apple over the San Bernadino terrorist case.  To that end, they’ve begun writing warrants that pre-suppose the ability to force you to unlock your phone with your finger prints.
  • segment 4, Total Recall–Climate Change All Fixed! (45:10 ): That global climate change world meeting we discussed last week?  They reached an agreement!  But, does it have teeth?  Meanwhile, scientists have found a cheap and efficient way to remove CO2 from the air and turn it into fuel.
  • segment 5, What’s Your Take?–Rewriting The Genetic Code of Life(52:49): Scientists are now taking the genetic modification to the lowest biological building blocks, giving them the ability to manipulate… pretty much anything.  Should we apply these capabilities to agriculture?  To medicine? To how we reproduce?

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Diginauts 0004 — How Long Would You Like To Live, Copyright for Non-humans, New Words for Tech Concepts

Diginauts episode 4
  • segment 1, Top of Mind–Obama points us to Mars (0:00): This week saw some developments in subjects we’ve discussed in each of our earlier episodes.
    • from episode 3: global climate change — Cornell scientists predict a significant increase in the odds of a megadrought in the southwest US, and meanwhile 150 countries are gathering to discuss lowering HFCs.
    • from episode 2: U.S. Mission to Mars — President Obama announced his administration’s collaboration with six private companies to get humans to Mars by 2030, but a study from UC Irvine shows that astronauts still have a long way to go in overcoming radiation.
    • from episode 1: self-driving cars –In the same week that photos have shown up of Google’s self-driving minivans, another accident involving a driverless car has led the German government to label autopilot a ‘Traffic Hazard.’
  • segment 2, Juris Prudent–Monkey Selfie (29:01): Photographer David Slater claimed rights to an image taken by a macaque, but some outlets say the image is public domain because the photographer didn’t take it, and a judge dismissed the case.  PETA is revisiting the case, arguing that in fact the monkey should own the rights.
  • segment 3, Semantically Incorrect–Audio Books (36:48):  Deron hates claiming he ‘read’ an audiobook, and wants to suggest a new word.  Do you agree with his selection?
  • segment 4, What’s Your Take?–Human Longevity (46:26): Researchers theorize there might be a natural maximum to human lifespans… and we’ve reached it.  But tech billionaires are driving to “cure” death.  Should humans push to live longer and longer?

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Diginauts 0003 — Google is listening, Irreversible Global Warming, Mourning Death Digitally

  • segment 1, Top of Mind–Carbon Tipping Point (0:00): Earth’s atmospheric carbon-dioxide concentration is now above 400ppm.  Is there any way we’ll ever get back below that number?  Scientists are pretty sure that for the immediate future, the answer is no.
  • segment 2, Future File–Log In with Your Brain Waves (15:06): In the future, you might be able to authenticate into your computer by having your brain scanned.  But will scanning your brain introduce even more of a privacy concern?  One thing is sure, the way we do it now is wrong, all wrong.
  • segment 3, Let’s Hash It Out–Google’s Hardware Launch Event (28:37):  Google previewed it’s Pixel phones, a new Chromecast update,   In particular, Google Home is here, and it’s ready to listen to your every word.  They say they’re building a personalized Google for each individual.  We say they’re making a big grab into privacy.  What do you think?
  • segment 4, What’s Your Take?–Digital Afterlife (45:10): When her friend Roman died in a tragic car accident, San Francisco entrepreneur Eugenia Kudya decided to task her AI start-up with creating a chatbot based on his personality.  She saw it as a digital monument to him, and a way to deal with her loss.  Some of her friends find it a “disturbing” and “half-baked,” but others found it therapeutic.  Would you want such a monument left behind after your death? Can computers come anywhere close to capturing a human personality?  What’s your take?

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Hollywood Inclusive 0006 — Representation Numbers, Lena Dunham, & #OscarsSoDiverse

Hollywood Inclusive, Episode 6

guest XAVIER BURGIN (@xlnb)

  • segment 1, Story of the Week — Diversity Studies (0:00): We discuss the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism’s annual report on representation in film for 2015, plus the Director’s Guild’s study on television gender and ethnic hiring practices.  So, we know there’s a problem; what’s the solution?  Do “diversity programs” work?
  • segment 2, Guest Interview — Xavier Burgin (25:06): We talk to Xavier Burgin about his short film work, and about how long-form tweeting helped him build an audience that will ensure his future filmmaking success.  Plus we hear about the time that he challenged Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer on Twitter, and the conference call the three of them had the next morning.
  • segment 3, Hurray for Hollywood — #OscarsSoDiverse (55:31): An Indiewire.com article predicts that “2017 will be the most diverse awards season in decades.”  Following the #OscarsSoWhite online protests in early 2016 — response to the fact that ALL TWENTY acting nominations went to white performers — we discuss whether we can share IndieWire’s optimism.

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