Diginauts 0002 — Songs from Machines, False Memories, & Mechanical Emotion Detection

Diginauts 0002
  • segment 1, Top of Mind–False Memories (0:00): A researcher has demonstrated that she can elicit from people memories of things that never happened.  She has managed to convince everyday people that they committed a petty crime in their childhood.  What are the implications for our criminal law system?
  • segment 2, Future File–Music Composed by AI (11:47): Researches at a Sony laboratory in Paris have used software to analyze the style of musicians and use this knowledge to compose original pieces of music.  We react live to these machine-created songs…  Maybe don’t expect robots to headline Coachella any time soon.
  • segment 3, Most Disruptive–Tardigrade Proteins or Transiting the Solar System (24:45): Each of us selected a story from this month that he thought would have the greatest long-term impact on humanity.  One of us picked Elon Musk’s release of plans to travel to Mars and beyond.  The other said that research identifying the  “damage suppressing” protein in tardigrades could change medicine.
  • segment 4, Mailbag (39:21): Time to share some of what you said about the previous episode.
  • segment 5, What’s Your Take?–WiFi That Detects Your Emotions (52:24):  MIT researchers have developed a technology called EQ-Radio, which uses standard wi-fi to monitor heart and breathing rate in humans, and from that gauge their emotional state with 87% accuracy.  Do you see this as a boon to industries like entertainment and medicine? Or is it another example of machine invasiveness into human life?

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Hollywood Inclusive 0005 — Richard Sherman’s Press Conference, Emmy Diversity


guest EVETTE VARGAS (@vargasgirl)

  • segment 1, Story of the Week (0:00): Richard Sherman abruptly ended a press conference in order to call attention to police brutality and clarify a position of support to Colin Kaepernick’s protest.  Kirk tells about a recent racist encounter and the police response he encountered.
  • segment 2, Guest Interview (22:30): We ask Evette about her experiences in moving from New York to Hollywood and establishing herself as a multimedia artist, and how she translated that success into creation of a web series that was nominated for two Emmys.
  • segment 3, Guest Interview, part two (46:32): We learn about Evette’s (third) trip to the Emmy’s last Sunday, and what projects she has coming up, plus her answers to our Two Essay Questions.
  • segment 4, Hurray for Hollywood (1:02:04): We react to the Daily Beast article proclaiming the “Most Diverse Emmys Ever” and talk through some of our favorite winners and moments.  Praise to Regina King who won her second consecutive and kicked ass, and to Julia Louis-Dreyfus who broke the Comedy Actress Emmy record previously held by Mary Tyler Moore and (not Carol Burnet as Deron said, but) Candice Bergen.  Where is the genre pendulum going to swing next?

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Diginauts 0001 — Autonomous Cars, Weaponized Drones, Your Children’s Pictures on Facebook

  • segment 1, Top of Mind–Driverless Cars (0:00): Uber is experimenting with driverless cars in Pittsburgh, with the goal of “making self-driving Ubers a reality.”  We discuss Uber’s pilot program, Tesla’s first fatality, and the implications to the future of human transportation.
  • segment 2, Juris Prudent–Weaponized Drones (14:54): North Dakota has a law on the books now that explicitly authorizes the addition of non-lethal weapons on unmanned air vehicles.  (Although “non-lethal” is not defined.)  After the police shootout ended in Dallas by a bomb-toting robot, what are the implications to law enforcement?
  • segment 3, Future File–Nanofish in Your Body (28.26): Scientists are pioneering creation of “Nanofish” to deliver medicine inside your body.  We discuss Deron’s feeling that he loves technology right up until the point where it goes inside you.
  • segment 4, What’s Your Take?–Baby Pictures on Facebook (40:23) An 18-year-old in Austria has filed a lawsuit against her parents for a childhood of sharing embarrassing photos on Facebook. Join this conversation with us for next week.  Do you share (or overshare) pics of your children on social media? Are you worried about the digital footprint you’re creating for them, before they’ve even come of age? Tweet us or Give us a call and leave a voicemail for us to share in next week’s show!

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Hollywood Inclusive 0004 — Kaepernick’s Media Coverage, Age Bias in Hollywood, & Naked Extras

  • Segment 1:  Our story of the week is Colin Kapernick and the media coverage his story has seen.  We approach it from the point of view of a TheUndefeated.com article that suggests lack of diversity in sports reporting has something to do with out the story is being addressed. But first we look into Frank Somerville, a San Francisco new anchor who took to Facebook to confess a racist moment, despite being father to a black daughter.
  • Segment 2: SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris (who played Andrea on Beverly Hills 90210) is leading the charge to support legislation that would allow actors to remove their age from online casting services and sites like IMDb.  Legal precedent, however, is the lawsuit by Junie Hoang, who sued the Amazon-owned property and lost.
  • Segment 3: Greg Berlanti will be bringing a Black Lightning superhero show to TV (although Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller says superheroes don’t work on TV.)  Plus, the new fall shows that have us the most excited, including one that involves requiring its actors to agree to genital-to-genital touching. (FINALLY we have a legit reason to tag a show with the term ‘dry humping.’

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Hollywood Inclusive 0003 — Race & Gender Casting, Zendaya as Spider-Man’s Love Interest, & Internet Trolls

  • Segment 1:  Starting with Bryan Fuller’s choice of conscious casting approach in American Gods for Starz, (Variety Article) we explore when a role should and shouldn’t be race-specific.
  • Segment 2: Zendaya is the new Mary Jane Watson.  Do comic book movies need to stay faithful to their source material?  Does that include race of characters?  Is “controversy” over casting choices created by the media?  (Like in this NBCnews.com article?)
  • Segment 3: Lucy V Hay of Bang2Write invited us to create an article about ways a writer can encourage diversity and inclusion, so we do it right here in the show.

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Hollywood Inclusive 0002 — Ryan Lochte, Nate Parker, Netflix

  • Segment 1:
    • What Pissed You Off? — Kirk expounds on the white privilege displayed by Ryan Lochte and friends.  Want to read a terrible article?  (Sporting News says we all lie, so just go with it.)
    • Nate Parker — What responsibility do people of color have to support the work of people of color?  When does that responsibility become
    • Deron said ‘Kessler’ as Amy Schumer’s writer, but he meant Kurt Metzger.  (Metzger and company discuss the matter on their show, Race Wars, in an episode called “Rape Wars.”)
  • Segment 2: Deron points out that the ignorant and the racist need to be part of the conversation, too… up to a point.
  • Segment 3: What are we watching?  Turns out, Netflix!  And Kirk shares his love of reality TV.

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Hollywood Inclusive 0001 — Kenya Barris, Ava Duvernay, & Welcome!


Welcome to our first ever episode! Kirk & Deron want to invite you to the conversation.

  • Segment 1: Black-ish creator Kenya Barris recently told reporters, “I will be so happy when ‘Diversity’ is not a word.” (Jezebel article)  We discuss why we agree, and why we kept that word out of the title to our podcast.
  • Segment 2: Deron & Kirk introduce themselves, and discuss their motivation in creating this podcast together.
  • Segment 3:
    • Hurray for Hollywood! —  Ava Duvernay is set to become the first female director of color to helm a $100M movie.  (Vanity Fair article)
    • Tools, Tips, & Trends — Upcoming writers preparing to write a spec episode, comedy is the new drama.  (Vulture article)

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