Hollywood Inclusive 0003 — Race & Gender Casting, Zendaya as Spider-Man’s Love Interest, & Internet Trolls

  • Segment 1:  Starting with Bryan Fuller’s choice of conscious casting approach in American Gods for Starz, (Variety Article) we explore when a role should and shouldn’t be race-specific.
  • Segment 2: Zendaya is the new Mary Jane Watson.  Do comic book movies need to stay faithful to their source material?  Does that include race of characters?  Is “controversy” over casting choices created by the media?  (Like in this NBCnews.com article?)
  • Segment 3: Lucy V Hay of Bang2Write invited us to create an article about ways a writer can encourage diversity and inclusion, so we do it right here in the show.

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Hollywood Inclusive 0002 — Ryan Lochte, Nate Parker, Netflix

  • Segment 1:
    • What Pissed You Off? — Kirk expounds on the white privilege displayed by Ryan Lochte and friends.  Want to read a terrible article?  (Sporting News says we all lie, so just go with it.)
    • Nate Parker — What responsibility do people of color have to support the work of people of color?  When does that responsibility become
    • Deron said ‘Kessler’ as Amy Schumer’s writer, but he meant Kurt Metzger.  (Metzger and company discuss the matter on their show, Race Wars, in an episode called “Rape Wars.”)
  • Segment 2: Deron points out that the ignorant and the racist need to be part of the conversation, too… up to a point.
  • Segment 3: What are we watching?  Turns out, Netflix!  And Kirk shares his love of reality TV.

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Hollywood Inclusive 0001 — Kenya Barris, Ava Duvernay, & Welcome!


Welcome to our first ever episode! Kirk & Deron want to invite you to the conversation.

  • Segment 1: Black-ish creator Kenya Barris recently told reporters, “I will be so happy when ‘Diversity’ is not a word.” (Jezebel article)  We discuss why we agree, and why we kept that word out of the title to our podcast.
  • Segment 2: Deron & Kirk introduce themselves, and discuss their motivation in creating this podcast together.
  • Segment 3:
    • Hurray for Hollywood! —  Ava Duvernay is set to become the first female director of color to helm a $100M movie.  (Vanity Fair article)
    • Tools, Tips, & Trends — Upcoming writers preparing to write a spec episode, comedy is the new drama.  (Vulture article)

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