hosted by Kirk Moore and Deron Sedy

Explore with us the murky underbelly of diversity and inclusiveness in this biz we call show. What are its successes and failures (and let’s be serious, right now we’re mostly talking failures) to be representative of all people, both on camera and behind? Deron, Kirk, and entertainment industry guests discuss the stories of the day. And doggone it if we don’t plan to learn a little about ourselves along the way.
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hosted by Eric Fader and Deron Sedy

There’s no way to say it without sounding clichéd, so we’re just going to let it fly: This century’s digital citizen lives a life that moves at the speed of tech. Diginaut Eric and Diginaut Deron will examine the trends and breakthroughs that promise to disrupt our digital lives, and the ethical implications for society. And they can’t stress enough how willing they are to receive free beta versions of your bleeding edge product to discuss on the show.
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