Diginauts 0013 — Babies from Three Parents, Finland’s Experiment in Basic Income, Coolest Stuff from CES

  • segment 1, Top of Mind — Healthy Babies from Three Parents (0:00): Doctors have succeeded in allowing a woman with fatal genetic defects to successfully have a baby.  Detractors fear the science isn’t yet sound.
  • segment 2, Let’s Hash It Out — CES  (12:02):  Tech companies headed to Las Vegas to show off this year’s trends in gadgets and all things digital.  Deron & Eric discuss the standout products.
  • segment 3, Juris Prudent — Libel and the Invention of Email  (31:04): Self-proclaimed inventor of EMAIL files defamation lawsuit against TechDirt’s Mike Masnick.
  • segment 4,  Let’s Dig Some More (41:32): We look at Google’s stealth advancement in artificial intelligence, a Japanese company’s decision to replace white collar workers with AI, and Finland’s move to experiment in fundamental basic income.
  • segment 5, Semantically Incorrect: ‘Ping’ and ‘Talk’ (1:11:23): Deron thinks we need a new word for talking to someone without talking to someone.

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