Diginauts 0023 — Russia’s Trojan Horse, VC by AI, Renewable Energy Advances

  • segment 1, Top of Mind  — Kaspersky Labs (0:00): More rumors of more Russian interference in U.S. computer systems
  • segment 2, The Fake News Game (9:21) : Play along with us!  This time it’s Deron’s turn to see if he can pick out which of four science headlines are real, and which one Eric completely made up.
  • segment 3, Future File — AI Predicting Start-up Success (24:28) : Can computers do a better job than humans when it comes to picking winning venture capital opportunities?
  • segment 4, Dig Some More (30:08): We’ll look at new advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, and renewable resources.  Energy from seaweed, tears, or blood, anyone?

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Diginauts 0022 — Robot Muscle, Frog Orgies, Blockchaining Everything

episode 22 of The Diginauts
  • segment 1, Top of Mind  — Blockchain: The Tokenization of Everything (0:00): Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making headlines.  Eric offers his theory that the underlying blockchain technology could revolutionize more than just money, but really much of human interaction.
  • segment 2, Three Headlines & a Lie — Frogs (11:55) : Deron plays liar’s poker with Eric about the latest scientific discoveries in the Ranidae family.
  • segment 3, Future File — Robot Muscle (25:08): Columbia engineers have created a low-power, 3D-printable muscle that represents a huge breakthrough in robot autonomy.
  • segment 4, Dig Some More (31:00): Trapping CO2 in liquid form under the oceans.  A note of optimism in doom predictions for our odds of crossing 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial temperature averages.  An Israeli-Chinese trade deal on artificial meat.  Peter Thiel being considered for a top intelligence position by the White House.  The FCC seeks to make America great again — by lowering the bar on what qualifies as “high-speed” internet.

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