Diginauts 0015 — How Space Affects Your Body, Fukushima Radiation, Net Neutrality in Danger Again

  • segment 1, Top of Mind — Twins! In! Spaaaaaaace! (0:00):  NASA sent one twin into space, and kept the other on Earth.  We’ll talk about what they learned from the brothers’ DNA.
  • segment 2, If You Had To Choose — Recent Governmental Maneuvers (8:00): Trump’s FCC chair signals lack of interest in net neutrality.  A federal magistrate rules that Google must turn over foreign emails to the FBI.  And Congress rolls back environmental protection laws
  • segment 3, Hope For Humanity — Swearing & Honesty (32:39):A University of Cambridge suggests those who use curse words tend to be more honest.
  • segment 4,  Let’s Dig Some More (36:52):  Fukushima radiation has spiked dangerously, an alleged arsonist was trapped by his pacemaker data, and a Chinese factory has successfully replaced 90% of its human workers with robots.

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Hollywood Inclusive 0002 — Ryan Lochte, Nate Parker, Netflix

  • Segment 1:
    • What Pissed You Off? — Kirk expounds on the white privilege displayed by Ryan Lochte and friends.  Want to read a terrible article?  (Sporting News says we all lie, so just go with it.)
    • Nate Parker — What responsibility do people of color have to support the work of people of color?  When does that responsibility become
    • Deron said ‘Kessler’ as Amy Schumer’s writer, but he meant Kurt Metzger.  (Metzger and company discuss the matter on their show, Race Wars, in an episode called “Rape Wars.”)
  • Segment 2: Deron points out that the ignorant and the racist need to be part of the conversation, too… up to a point.
  • Segment 3: What are we watching?  Turns out, Netflix!  And Kirk shares his love of reality TV.

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