Hollywood Inclusive 0009 — Kanye Meeting with Trump, Breakthroughs in Inclusiveness, and Does Liberal Hollywood Think Racism Is Solved?

guest Moira Griffin (@MoiraGriffinSenior Director of Diversity Initiatives at Sundance Institute.

  • segment 1, Post-election Race & Politics (0:00): We haven’t had a chance to chat since the election, so we chat a little about race and politics in our country today.
  • segment 2, Guest Interview (35:42): Moira tells us about her career in film production, festival curation, and now working at Sundance Institute to help us hear all the voices.
  • segment 3, Progress in Inclusiveness (59:37): We share three stories (hijab, OshKosh, Santa) about recent breakthroughs that will have us seeing some individuals who’ve been previously interrupted.

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Hollywood Inclusive 0006 — Representation Numbers, Lena Dunham, & #OscarsSoDiverse

Hollywood Inclusive, Episode 6

guest XAVIER BURGIN (@xlnb)

  • segment 1, Story of the Week — Diversity Studies (0:00): We discuss the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism’s annual report on representation in film for 2015, plus the Director’s Guild’s study on television gender and ethnic hiring practices.  So, we know there’s a problem; what’s the solution?  Do “diversity programs” work?
  • segment 2, Guest Interview — Xavier Burgin (25:06): We talk to Xavier Burgin about his short film work, and about how long-form tweeting helped him build an audience that will ensure his future filmmaking success.  Plus we hear about the time that he challenged Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer on Twitter, and the conference call the three of them had the next morning.
  • segment 3, Hurray for Hollywood — #OscarsSoDiverse (55:31): An Indiewire.com article predicts that “2017 will be the most diverse awards season in decades.”  Following the #OscarsSoWhite online protests in early 2016 — response to the fact that ALL TWENTY acting nominations went to white performers — we discuss whether we can share IndieWire’s optimism.

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Today’s “I’m one of the voices” intro recorded by Cameo Wood, @cameo.  Visit her latest project, realartists.film, @RealArtistsFilm.

Hollywood Inclusive 0005 — Richard Sherman’s Press Conference, Emmy Diversity


guest EVETTE VARGAS (@vargasgirl)

  • segment 1, Story of the Week (0:00): Richard Sherman abruptly ended a press conference in order to call attention to police brutality and clarify a position of support to Colin Kaepernick’s protest.  Kirk tells about a recent racist encounter and the police response he encountered.
  • segment 2, Guest Interview (22:30): We ask Evette about her experiences in moving from New York to Hollywood and establishing herself as a multimedia artist, and how she translated that success into creation of a web series that was nominated for two Emmys.
  • segment 3, Guest Interview, part two (46:32): We learn about Evette’s (third) trip to the Emmy’s last Sunday, and what projects she has coming up, plus her answers to our Two Essay Questions.
  • segment 4, Hurray for Hollywood (1:02:04): We react to the Daily Beast article proclaiming the “Most Diverse Emmys Ever” and talk through some of our favorite winners and moments.  Praise to Regina King who won her second consecutive and kicked ass, and to Julia Louis-Dreyfus who broke the Comedy Actress Emmy record previously held by Mary Tyler Moore and (not Carol Burnet as Deron said, but) Candice Bergen.  Where is the genre pendulum going to swing next?

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Today’s “I’m one of the voices” intro recorded by Lavetta Cannon, @sassybfpodcast.  You can check out her podcast on iTunes.